Instructions to correspondents

Help the editor(s) of Fossil Cnidaria & Porifera and try to adopt these few simple principles:

1) RTF format, please – try to make it as simple as possible!
2) Times New Roman, 12 points, single space;
3) boldface for authors, dates of publication and volume numbers;
4) italics for journal titles (do not abbreviate! DO NOT ABBREVIATE JOURNAL TITLES unless absolutely necessary - it may happen indeed that lengthy journal title will suppress all the bibliographic note);
5) no extra formatting, please! please! please!!! pleeeeease!!!!! PLEASE, avoid any hidden formats, special diacritical marks and all these lovely surprises...
6) the editor(s) give the final touch and make the layout decisions; your reports may be fragmented according to chapters as presented in previous FC&P volume (34) or as at; this may change from volume to volume, as necessity dicates, i.e. changing data volume in various fields of your (our!) research;
7) the results of editorial work are presented promptly on-line at and then the correspondents are expected to make their corrections and return them to the editor(s) prior to printing…
8) the editor(s) indicate authorship of contributions either at headlines or after particular entry;
9) [square brackets] are used to do this in the latter case, also in case of non-original remarks and comments;
10) please have a look at the entries of the other authors and consider what can be improved in your reports… IF POSSIBLE PLEASE SUPPLY NOTES WITH KEYWORDS AND ABSTRACTS... DO NOT HESITATE TO ABBREVIATE LENGTHY SUMMARIES... YOUR COMMENTS ARE ALSO WELCOME.
11) please send info on published papers, not "in preparation", "submitted", "in review", etc. - we will wait patiently...
12) avoid abstracts - full papers please!
Thank you!

[Tomasz Wrzolek]