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Biographical / October 2016

DENAYER J., ARETZ M., BARCHY L., CHEVALIER E., FISCHER V., HANCE L., MARION J.-M., MOTTEQUIN B. 2016. Edouard Poty: a bio- and bibliography. Geologica Belgica 19, 1-2: 3-6.
'Generalist' is a qualifying word that best describes Edouard - 'Eddy' - Poty in term of knowledge. He is not just a well known palaeontologist. Passionate in all branches of geology, he developed an exceptional background and became one of the very few feeling comfortable out of his area of expertise and capable of seeing the bridges connecting field observations. [...] Most of his work on Carboniferous corals from the Montagne Noire (Poty et al., 2002), the British Isles (Hance et al., 2002), Poland (Poty et al., 2003), and South China (Poty et al., 2011) remains unpublished to date, as do the Tournaisian corals from Tournai and the Strunian corals of Western Europe, and most of his students' master's theses. Let us hope that he will find time to finally put this 'grey literature' to light soon. Out of his 105 publications 33 have been published in the Annales de la Societe geologique de Belgique and Geologica Belgica, thus 1/3 of his work. This and the several volumes he edited in these journals fully justify this homage volume to be published in this journal. [first and last part of a short bio- and bibliography; Wrzolek]